Peak Organics Farm's Master Grower

jesseI have been growing cannabis for 12 years with the benefit of over 70 years of collective knowledge gained from family and friends sharing their knowledge of the plant.

Our farm was originally homesteaded by my grandparents and their two children, who lived in a teepee for three years. They then sold it to buy the property next-door for the water source, which is the largest natural spring on the mountain. Shortly after the move my grandfather passed and my father then re-purchased the property. He moved back there when he was only16 years old to build a small cabin where I was born 3 years later. It still stands 33 years later.

I met my wife Gabriella over two years ago. Together we have created a synergistic relationship with each other and our plants. We both strive to build a bio diverse organic environment through the practice of permaculture farming, land stewardship and true organic practices. We believe it to be the most important thing when growing our food and medicine.

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